Dover Folkestone line to re-open on 5th September

Written on:August 22, 2016
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doverfolkestoneGood news – the line from Dover to Folkestone line is scheduled to re-open on 5th September, several months ahead of schedule.

Although timetables haven’t been updated yet, we can expect a full resumption of the old service, with the 1807 finally being restored through to Dover in the evenings.

For more information, please see the article at

A few pictures taken this morning

Written on:January 1, 2016
A few pictures taken this morning

Above are a few pictures I took this morning from the affected bit of line – it’s clear that there’s a lot of work to do. It was also clear that the work site was pretty much empty apart from a few hi-vis jackets further up the line.


Line closure timetable out – it’s not good news

Written on:December 31, 2015

So the new timetable is now out following the line closure between Dover and Folkestone and is available here. First the good news (what little there is of it) – the rail-replacement buses seem to be timed to meet up with departures from Folkestone Central and West in a sensible fashion. There is very little wait time for Dover commuters and the overall journey should only be extended by around…


Line between Dover and Folkestone closed until end of February

Written on:December 27, 2015

It’s the Christmas gift that none of us wanted. It looks like the line between Dover and Folkestone was substantially damaged by a combination of high tides and bad weather – the sea wall has washed away and consequently undermined the trackbed between Shakespeare Cliff and the old Dover harbour station. According to the National Rail twitter feed, busses will replace trains until the end of February at the earliest….


Don’t forget to delay repay – you can now get cash

Written on:November 5, 2015

The train service was quite awful this evening with substantial delays and cancellations on both High Speed and the trundle train. Don’t forget to delay repay these journeys here. Due to recent changes, you can also exchange the vouchers you receive for cash at any station ticket office within 28 days of issue. With some journeys delayed by more than an hour, it’s well worth it.  


Morning commuter trains leave 3 minutes earlier from tomorrow

Written on:October 4, 2015
Autumn leaves

Next week sees the start of the leaf fall timetable which will mean some morning commuter trains will be leaving 3 minutes earlier. If you cut it fine like me when getting the morning trains, you’ll want to know the following: 06:18/:29/31 will leave 3 minutes earlier at 06:15/:26:/:28 06:48/:59/07:01 will leave 3 minutes earlier at 06:45/:56:/:58 07:16/:27/:29 will leave 3 minutes earlier at 07:13/:24/:26 Train times from Dover/Folkestone Central/Folkestone West respectively. Monday to Friday peak time departures. Changes valid from 5th October…


Peak HS train loading information now available

Written on:March 9, 2015

As promised in last weeks Stakeholder meeting, loading information for peak trains into/out of St. Pancras has now been made available on the Southeastern website. Click here to view this data. The loading information highlights the problems on the 18:07 and 18:37 evening trains, as well as the general overcrowding on the morning trains into London. Hopefully, things will be made better in May when a timetable change for evening peak…


Evening overcrowding – ending in May?

Written on:March 4, 2015

This afternoon I attended a Southeastern Stakeholder meeting at the rather grand library at 61 Whitehall. The format was pretty much the same as the previous meeting, with the usual presentation by the panel to begin with and then a round of Q&A covering pretty much the same unresolvable points that were raised previously.     Two interesting bits of news were disclosed in the presentation however: From next month,…


New timetable Monday, no evening seats?

Written on:January 11, 2015

The new timetable starts this Monday. This timetable will see substantial changes to services from all of our stations, both on and off peak. Some of these changes may lead to busier trains, particulary in the evening peak. This problem is analysed later on in this article. The timetable changes are summarised as follows:   High speed London-bound high-speed trains in the morning will leave at the following times: 0545/56/58 from…


Westenhanger Parkway station

Written on:December 1, 2014

  There’s recently been some press relating to a proposed Westenhanger Parkway station. Damian Collins MP has also given his full support to the scheme. It is my opinion that building this new station is a bad idea – and below is my reasoning :     First of all, and perhaps most foremost, this will increase journey times to Folkestone and Dover since it will involve another stop. At a time when there…