Dover Priory Station Update

Written on:March 18, 2014
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Dover_Priory_Station_01After some considerable effort and what seemed like a conveyor belt of station managers, at long last Dover Big Local has made contact with the current station manager and agreed a meeting to discuss how we integrate the station into the community.

Our initial action plan will be to sot out and revamp the flower beds both outside the station by the bicycle stands and the one on platform 1. Once this is done we will then look at perhaps other planters on & around the station (similar to Deal) as well as working with local artists to create exhibition spaces and also with the Eric at the Priory Hotel to use the space by the bicycle racks for street entertainment/music.

We of course need to see how much help we get from Southeastern at the grass routes level, but the noises from the top have been particularly encouraging

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