About Us

The Folkestone and Dover commuter group is all about giving the passengers, both regular and irregular, a voice on the service and amenities at our stations.

As fellow passengers we feel that, by creating a community and gathering opinions from passengers like you, we will be able to have a greater say about the facilities we use.

The average commuter, travelling to London daily from the Shepway area will spend around 25 days of every year on the trains. Spending this time on pleasant, clean and reliable services bookended with safe and welcoming facilities at both ends of the journey plays an important role in our quality of life.

We will be running a forum on this website where you will be able to leave your own opinions and start new topics – these forums will regulary be checked by members of our group – all daily commuters from either Folkestone or Dover.

Our initial goals are:

  • Better training for barrier staff at St. Pancras
  • To provide a faster morning/evening commuter service from the Shepway towns
  • Improved station facilities/upkeep
  • Better integration with local bus services

We would love to hear from you though with any suggestions you may have. We will pass these onto our local Southeastern representative and, with the power of community, will make things that make your journey better happen.

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